We are prospectors developing an asset holding company that is fully integrated and research-oriented. We are not just investing in the future, but rather building a new industry. That is why we are more than just a company, we are change agents.



GLA is positioning its partners for the growth potential of the existing legalized market, while also preparing for future expansion of the market. To that end, GLA’s ideal deal structure is providing collateralized debt financing, placing the lender in first position, while also securing equity in licensed hemp businesses throughout the United States.

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deal flow valuation

GLA follows a process for vetting deals with an initial focus on cash flow and EBITDA, GLA then addresses appropriate accounting policies and practices by reviewing historic, budgeted and forecasted financials. Financial review considers past and future capital expenditures, as well as existing assets and working capital, with an eye toward debt and debt service, contracts and taxes.

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Risk Management

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Brand Development

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Digital Media

Deal Flow

GLA's structured Deal Flow Valuation process

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 Onsite Visitation

On-site visitations with project operators to meet and discuss operational and accounting policies and practices.

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  Initial Review

Project operators are required to provide a prospectus with a historic financial results, and a five year minimum forecast.

  Team Review

Compliance team reviews reports from the initial financial reviews and visitations as well as Human Resources, management, and tax structures.

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  Financial Analysis

Financial model developed by GLA’s analyst to determine financial viability, includes asset, and cap ex needs.